Code of Conduct

We Jyväskylä Guides aim to offer interesting but accurate stories of the Jyväskylä Region. Our Code of Conduct (the Code of Guiding Practice) follows the principles of the Federation of Finnish Tourist Guide Associations. 

  1. Accuracy of Information: We aim to give exact, truthfull and impartial information and make a clear distinction between the facts and stories, legends, traditions, or opinions. We aim to give our customers an understanding of Jyväskylä and the places visited.
  2. Quality of Service: We want to be professional in both care and commitment. We aim to respect the beliefs, customs and habits of our visitors.
  3. Quality of Presentation: We aim to use clear but vivacious language and presentation. For that reason our guides will give a language test as well as a guiding test regularly according to the rules of the Federation of Finnish Tourist Guide Associations.
  4. Group Safety: We aim to plan and conduct our tours as safe as possible.
  5. Following the Law: Our guides follow the Finnish law. We will also help our customers follow and understand the law - "Fasten your seat belts!"
  6. Sustainability: We aim to ensure that guided groups treat the environment, wildlife, sights and monuments as well as local customs with respect. In order to achieve this we aim to give not only instructions but also explanations why.

Welcome to our guided tours! We make your visit more memorable!