Our guides at your service

Anne Yliniemi

Anne is a language teacher interested in culture and arts. She is an experienced Jyväskylä guide since 1990 in English, Swedish and Finnish.

Pirjo Väli-Torala

Pirjo is a language teacher who loves meeting people interested in Jyväskylä! Guiding languages English, French and Finnish.

Asta Häkkinen

Asta is especially interested in nature and culture. She has successfully worked as a guide for over 20 years. She guides in German, English and Finnish.

Outi Raatikainen

Outi is a sociologist and rural developer who enjoys Finnish food and habits, art, nature, rural life, and Alvar Aalto architecture. She is also an Äänekoski guide and a tour guide. Outi guides in English and Finnish.

Tapani Hynynen

Tapani is a senior guide with a long career as a guide and a teacher of tourism. He has an endless knowledge of local history. Guiding languages Swedish, English, German, Russian, Hungarian and Finnish.

Pia Salonranta-Hynynen

Pia is a language teacher especially interested in local history, nature and sports. She has guided Jyväskylä since 1998 in German and Finnish. 

Minna Korhonen

Minna is an engineer. For her local industry is as exciting as local history, churches and art. Minna is also a tour guide who guides in English and Finnish.

Maarit Liljendahl

Maarit lives in Jämsä where she tells you stories about the local way of life and the beautiful Lakeland. Maarit loves architecture, art and design, especially Alvar Aalto. She is also a Helsinki guide. Maarit guides in English and Finnish.

Mira Savola

Mira guides Alvar Aalto and Säynätsalo as well as Jyväskylä tours. Mira guides in English and Finnish.  

Mari Laukkarinen

Mari is interested in cultural history, architecture, influential women, Jyväskylä of today, and Petäjävesi. Mari guides in English, German and Finnish.  

Heli Vuorela

Heli is a language teacher who loves culture of her home town and meeting with people. She finds Alvar Aalto and the history of the Seminaarinmäki area especially interesting. Heli guides in Swedish and Finnish.

Jaana Suomalainen 

Jaana is a Bachelor of Business Administration with a long experience of hotel and restaurant business. She is interested in cultural heritage, nature, local food and continuous learning. She guides in English and Finnish.   

Heta Somerla

Heta is a special education teacher.  Architecture, culture and well-being are important themes to her. Heta guides in English and Finnish.

Ville Hirvikoski

Ville gets excited with stories of the old times as well as of today, especially of the role of Jyväskylä as a City of Education. Guiding languages English, German and Finnish. 

Mikko Jäkälä

Mikko arrived to Jyväskylä to study and stayed. He is especially interested in Aalto and architecture as well as the past and present of the Jyväskylä University. Mikko guides in English and Finnish.

Satu Riipinen 

Satu has changed her profession from the hotel and restaurant business into wilderness guiding. She loves to guide by hiking, paddling, snow shoeing and cycling in the Laajavuori recreational area or the nature routes and the National Parks of Central Finland. She guides in English and Finnish.